List Of Non-Scheduled Banks In India

All the state levels, district levels, and primary levels of India are cooperative (co-operative) banks in the list of non-scheduled banks because according to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 Act, banks in India were divided into two major groups in India. Is, if you have come to know the names of non-influential banks, then you will know well, it is mandatory for non-inflammatory banks to follow the cash reserve ratio (CRR) terms, but the difference is that the amount of cash ratio ratio is the Reserve Bank You cannot keep with them and keep it with them and non-influential banks are not eligible to take loans from the Reserve Bank for their day-to-day activities, yet they can demand a loan from the Reserve Bank in an emergency. Let us not talk here and there, according to the Reserve Bank Act, 1934, what are the non-scheduled banks in India.

List Of Non-Scheduled Banks In India
List Of Non-Scheduled Banks In India 

List of non-infused bank

According to the Reserve Bank Table 2023, the total number of non-influential state cooperative banks in India is 11 and the number of non-influential urban cooperative banks is 1477. The names of non-influential banks are the following types.

List of non-scheduled state cooperative banks

Andaman and Nicobar State Cooperative Bank Limited

Arunachal Pradesh State Cooperative Apex Bank Limited

Assam cooperative apex bank limited

Chandigarh State Cooperative Bank Limited

Jammu & Kashmir State Cooperative Bank Limited

Jharkhand State Cooperative Bank Limited

Manipur State Cooperative Bank Limited

Mizoram Cooperative Apex Bank Limited

Nagaland state cooperative bank limited

Sikkim State Cooperative Bank Limited

Daman and Diu State Co-operative Bank Limited

List of non-scheduled urban cooperative banks

Akhand Anand Co-operative Bank Limited

Alvi Co-operative Bank Limited

Amarnath co operative bank limited

Humble citizen co-operative bank limited

Amreli Citizen Cooperative Bank Limited

Anand Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited

Apni cooperative bank limited

Balasinor Citizen Cooperative Bank Limited

Banaskantha Mercantile Co-Op Bank

Bapunagar Women's Cooperative Bank Limited

Bardoli Citizen Cooperative Bank Limited

Baroda City Co-operative Bank Limited

Civic civic cooperative bank limited

Disgraceful citizen cooperative bank limited

Bhabhar department civic cooperative bank

Bhadran People's to Op Bank Limited

Lucky Co-Op Bank Limited

Bhuj Commercial to Ode Bank Limited

Bhuj Mercantile Co-operative Bank

(Note:- All 1477 can see the names of non-scheduled urban cooperative banks on the Reserve Bank website to know the list)

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